Five Ways to Live Greener this Year

Tree Canada


Although January is behind us, it’s never too late to set goals to live with intention for the year ahead.

At Tree Canada, we work on growing better places to live. We encourage you to join us and to make green living and the greening of your community a priority this year.

Here are five ways to get inspired and go green in 2022, for your health and the health of our planet!

1. Plant a tree

It may seem obvious, but what a great way to get connected to trees and your community at the same time! Whether you want to plant trees with your coworkers, alongside family and friends, or you prefer to make a donation to support the planting of more trees, Tree Canada is here to help you make it happen.

2. Grow a Garden

Spring may feel far away, but the days are already getting longer, and spring will be here before you know it! Growing a garden, whether full of vegetables or flowers, or a combination of both, can offer many health and environmental benefits:

  • One study shows that gardening can help alleviate feelings of stress
  • Gardening is an activity that can be shared with family or neighbours, and can contribute to feeling socially connected
  • Planting shrubs or trees in your garden can help sequester carbon
  • Depending on what you grow, your garden can attract and support pollinators, like bees

3. Get Involved

There are many other ways to green up your life if gardening is not for you.

We encourage you to research the environmental organizations and initiatives operating in your community – more than likely, there is a need for your help! Whether you donate your time, skills or services, or simply share their message with your network, there are many ways to help these organizations make an impact.

4. Grow Your Knowledge Bank

Consider turning your phone off at the end of the day and make time to read! There are several great reads about trees, forests, and their benefits to both human health and the health of our planet. This is a great way to renew your appreciation for trees, while also reducing screen time.

Here are a few great reads to get you started:

5. Get Outside

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – there are so many benefits to spending time outdoors, among the trees! No matter what season we’re in, make an effort to breathe in that fresh air and enjoy some time in the great outdoors. Whether that means a 20-minute walk around your neighbourhood, exploring winter trails on skis or snowshoes, the time you spend outdoors can help alleviate stress, increase your energy, and leave you feeling more connected to your community.


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