Happy International Women’s Day!

Tree Canada


During an international forestry conference, I had the privilege of hosting a panel with two of my talented colleagues; one is a forester, and one is a Ph.D. researcher. Both are women. During the Q and A session, a participant commented on this: “Forestry is such a male-dominated sector; I am surprised and pleased to see that everyone on your panel is a woman.” Our office at Tree Canada is mostly made up of women, from Programs to Communications to Development. It makes me realize that much has changed since I entered the workforce, and I anticipate that much change is yet to come.

International Women’s Day (IWD) provides us all with a moment to celebrate women’s many achievements and reflect on what lies ahead. It’s why I love this year’s IWD theme “Choose to Challenge”. There are still times when women must face challenges unique to us. This year’s theme speaks to meeting those challenges head-on and in a positive way, but it also means deciding to undertake a challenge to affect change for the good of everyone, no matter what sector or industry you are in.


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