International Women’s Day 2023: Anne Lehouillier

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Anne Lehouillier

Forestry Specialist profile_Anne Lehouillier

Forestry Specialist – Quebec, Tree Canada

Working in urban forestry for a year and in forestry for six years


1. What are the best opportunities available for women in your field?

Thanks to the women before us who persevered and were able to prove their value, young women can start their professional career in urban forestry on strong and fair foundations. Instead of having to prove our skills, we can use them to plant and nurture trees in collaboration with the community. There is a growing number of female leaders in urban forestry and we are lucky to be able to benefit from their valuable support and mentorship.

2. Do you have advice for girls and women who want to get into the urban forestry field?

My professional experiences, both in urban and natural environments, are marked with solidarity and openness. I was lucky enough to spend time and work with colleagues who were open and happy to work with women. These people have greatly facilitated my career in forestry. My advice to women who want to start a career in this field would be to find allies who will help them grow and progress. Mentalities have evolved, but throughout their career, women will face challenges, and it’s easier to bounce back when you are well supported!

3. Share a story of someone that has inspired or supported you in your career.

Before starting my career in urban forestry, I worked in landscaping for a while. The company where I was employed was mostly made up of inspiring women. The woman who was running the company taught me how fulfilling it could be to work with plants. It is also thanks to her that I understood that success lies in perseverance. Over the years and through many hours of hard work, she was able to create a company recognized and reputable for the quality of its work. Her career inspired me to pursue my own path and to support women around me.

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