Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day

Tree Canada


This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

At Tree Canada, this theme is particularly important. We know that the trees we plant today will contribute to a sustainable future and benefit generations to come. It is at the core of our organization to fight climate change through planting and nurturing trees and building capacity for communities to grow their urban canopy. With almost 75% of our staff being women, we know first-hand the ability women have to be change-makers, and the importance of making sure they have equal opportunity to do so.

Beyond our staff, we also have the privilege of working with many women across the urban forestry industry.  From our Community Advisors to Representatives of the Canadian Urban Forest Network, to academics, and to colleagues from municipalities across the country, we’ve seen the impact that women have had in working towards a sustainable tomorrow.

In honour of International Women’s Day, we are highlighting six women, each of whom has shared with us, and now you, the achievements they’re most proud of, the opportunities ahead for women in their field, and their advice for girls and women entering a career in urban forestry.

Happy International Women’s Day!


Heather Fraser

Natural Resources Program Coordinator, Engineering and Environmental Department, City of Moncton

Atlantic Representative, Canadian Urban Forest Network (CUFN)

Jessika Corkum-Gorrill profile

Jessika Corkum-Gorrill

Forest and Environmental Officer, City of Charlottetown

Martha Copestake

Martha Copestake, MFC, BScFE

Forester – Planning, Planning, Infrastructure and Economic Development, City of Ottawa

Meagan Hanna profile

Meagan Hanna, MA

Living Collections Supervisor, Gardens and Arboriculture, Montreal Botanical Garden, City of Montreal

Sessional Lecturer, University of British Columbia

Nadia Chan profile

Nadia Chan

Manager, Trees and Landscape, Planning and Development Department, City of Surrey Pacific

Representative, Canadian Urban Forest Network (CUFN)

Sima Feuer profile

Sima Feuer

Urban Forester, Forestry and Peatlands Branch of Natural Resources and Northern Development, Province of Manitoba

Prairie Representative, Canadian Urban Forest Network


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