Mississauga Elementary School Plants Trees to Celebrate National Tree Day Contest Win

Tree Canada

On a sunny day in May, students and teachers gathered at Cooksville Creek Public School in Mississauga, Ontario, for a memorable tree planting event. With gloves on their hands and smiles on their faces, participants came together to create a lasting impact on their school grounds and the surrounding community.

Last September, the school won Tree Canada’s first National Tree Day Celebration Contest for organizing a Tree Detectives Scavenger Hunt, where QR codes were attached to 24 trees around the school yard. Each QR code linked to a unique piece of student tree art, or an audio recording of a tree poem written by students. The whole school was also invited to show their appreciation for nature by wearing tree colours on National Tree Day!

Thanks to the support of BMO, Tree Canada helped the school to plant and mulch four large trees – a Kentucky coffeetree, a sugar maple, a red oak, and a silver maple – that will provide immediate benefits to students and staff.

Guided by our Forestry Specialist, Celia Johnstone, the participants eagerly mulched the native trees around the school premises.

“We had a wonderful time – It was a great day to learn about trees,” says Johnstone. “Through this hands-on experience, students were able to connect with nature while acquiring practical knowledge about the importance of nurturing newly planted trees.”

The tree planting event at Cooksville Creek Public School will help foster environmental awareness and empower young minds to take an active role in preserving nature. The event served as a reminder that small actions, such as planting a tree, can have a significant ripple effect.

As the trees take root and grow, so too will the knowledge and passion of the students at Cooksville Creek Public School – and the belief that they can shape a better future through their actions.


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