National Tree Day 2023: Communities Took Action Across Canada

Tree Canada

On Wednesday, September 20th, Tree Canada celebrated its 12th edition of National Tree Day! Thanks to the support of BMO, we were able to host our largest National Tree Day ever with incredible community planting events in every province.

A Look at the Numbers 

This year, over 1,450 volunteers helped to plant more than 6,300 trees in 19 communities across Canada, including three larger flagship events in Mississauga, Edmonton and Montreal. 

Individuals, community groups, municipalities and businesses also organized 63 local events during National Forest Week and registered them on Tree Canada’s website! We couldn’t help but highlight some stories to help inspire others for National Tree Day and showcase more successful events! 

We owe this success to the support of our community, volunteers, sponsors and partners that showed up to help plant trees and promote events across the country. Thank you so much for joining us to celebrate trees, take action on climate change and connect with nature! 

Photo Gallery 

Whether you joined one of our events or hope to participate next year, look through our photo galleries on Facebook to see all the fun that was had and trees that were planted! If you see yourself, tag yourself! 

Here’s where you can find the albums for each planting site: 

You Said It! 

We asked for volunteer feedback and our hearts were warmed by some of your responses. 


“Great event and very organized. Lots of fun and it was made easy for me to do my part for Mother Earth! THANK YOU” 

“I liked being part of a national effort of planting trees and contributing positively to our environment and communities” 

“Great event and the staff on site were very helpful and knowledgeable” 

“This was my second year attending in Ottawa, the event was very well organized! I will continue [to] share the news and participate for years to come.” 

“It was a wonderful experience. Felt good that I made a difference.” 

“I really loved it! I’m looking forward to taking walks in this park and seeing the trees I planted.”

“I simply want to sincerely thank your organization for planning this event.”


Thank you all for your kind words! We are reviewing all feedback and look forward to organizing even more impactful events for next year. 

On September 20th, we worked together across the country to plant trees and shrubs that will grow better places to live across Canada and help address climate change. The positive effects will be felt for years to come. We hope to see even more of you at next year’s National Tree Day events! 

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