Retired Forestry Specialist: Bruce Carter

Tree Canada

After 11 years of dedicated service, Tree Canada deeply thanks Bruce Carter, our retired Forestry Specialist in Nova Scotia. As Forestry Specialist, Bruce led planting events and supported projects on behalf of Tree Canada, providing expert tree and forestry advice. Bruce’s expertise and passion greatly enriched our mission to inspire, educate and enable Canadians to plant and nurture trees. Join us in honouring his contributions as we wish him a fulfilling retirement.

Name: Bruce M. Carter, BScF, RPF

Years In The Field:

  • 35 years with Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources
  • 11 years with Tree Canada

What are your proudest accomplishments as a Forestry Specialist?

As a Forestry Specialist, I was able to improve the urban forest canopy in Nova Scotia communities from Yarmouth to Glace Bay. I met many people along the way, all who have a keen interest in their urban environment.

What are the most important lessons you learned in this role?

What’s particularly positive is that no matter which community we planted in, individuals from all walks of life – students, parents, community leaders, people of all ages – realize the value and importance of trees to their environment. Over the years, this mindset has changed. Years ago, trees were primarily valued for the forest products they yielded, but now, when asked, the response is “clean air”.

Do you have any guidance or final thoughts to share with those you’ve instructed in tree planting?

The public and municipal leaders need to realize that planting a tree is only the first step. Tree maintenance in an urban forest includes the necessary follow-up treatments such as mulching, watering when necessary, staking if required and pruning.

And finally, to all the Forestry Specialists with Tree Canada, a special “well done” for all your efforts and dedication.


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