Stick Closer to Trees This Summer

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From their ability to sequester carbon and enhance biodiversity to the mental and physical health benefits they provide – there are a number of reasons to love trees.

Knowing how much trees provide us: how do you see yourself getting closer to trees this summer?

Here are a few suggestions:

Adventure Awaits

If you’re someone that loves to be outdoors, whether for a hike, paddle or camping excursion, we encourage you to notice of the trees around you. Challenge yourself to point out unfamiliar species and identify them with the following resources:

If you are adventuring with kids, try these family-friendly tree activities. Ready for more? Read Part Two for additional tree activities the whole family will enjoy.

Love to Learn

For those that are avid learners, we encourage you to bring that curiosity towards trees! There are so many great resources available for Canadians to expand their knowledge on trees and our beautiful Canadian landscape. Check out the resources below to continue your tree education:

Treat Trees with Kindness

Adventuring deep in the forest and flipping through research papers are not the only ways to stay close to trees this summer. Another way to stay close to trees this summer is by showing them kindness. Whether it’s the trees in your yard or at the community park you frequent, take a minute to observe them for any urban stresses that may be compromising their health.

Urban stress factors like soil compaction, drought, pollution, or infestations can weaken a tree and increase their vulnerability to breakage, bending or severe needle or leaf loss. If you notice trees with these characteristics, consider reaching out to your municipality for additional information and support in the management of those trees.

Another specific stressor to trees is the LDD moth, previously referred to as “Gypsy moth”. Over the last few years, many regions across Eastern Canada have experienced severe outbreaks in the LDD moth, causing extensive damage. If you’ve noticed them in your neighbourhood, learn more about how you can help protect your trees from this invasive species.

Get Involved

Finally, get involved with tree planting organizations to help green up your urban or rural communities and get one step closer to observing the magic of trees.


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