Take in a breath of fresh air

Tree Canada


As nature transitions into spring, we, too, have had to unexpectedly and swiftly transition in response to COVID-19. These transitions have a way of hitting the re-set button, causing moments of pause and reflection, where we note just how deeply and intricately interconnected everything actually is.

Even as the world is changing rapidly around us and uncertainty crowds our thoughts, some things remain constant: the natural cycle of the seasons and the many benefits that trees provide.

While our staff is working remotely, we are still open and working hard to grow better places to live for all communities across Canada. Reforestation projects continue that are safe to do so, while other projects, such as our spring planting events, are being postponed.

We are reachable, should you need to contact us in any way. By phone (1-877-666-1444, toll-free), email (info@treecanada.ca), and online (www.treecanada.ca) – these are all still being answered, monitored and updated.

And while the trees continue to awaken from their slumber, slowly gathering their energy to push out new growth in anticipation of the summer months, let us follow their lead in gathering energy for the coming months. Let us also pause and enjoy these early signs of spring, even if in your own backyard, to take in a breath of fresh air.


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