The Tenacity of Trees

Tree Canada


A friend of mine forwarded a blog post to me a few weeks ago – it was called “The Tenacity of Trees”. It consisted of a series of photos of trees growing in unusual places or under difficult circumstances. Some were growing straight out of concrete or through fences; some had fallen, but continued to thrive; and some, like the one in the photo below, were quietly standing their ground against all odds.

It was a metaphor, of course, for the challenges that every one of us has been facing over the past weeks, and designed to illustrate that no matter what, we can prevail.

While this has been a difficult time for many people on so many levels, I am heartened to have witnessed tremendous support from our generous donors and sponsors. I am particularly touched by our corporate partners who continue to show their incredible flexibility as we try to reschedule their planting events and am inspired by their determination to continue to plant with us even as they face their own challenges.

Much like the tiny tree in the photo below, Tree Canada is buoyed by the unwavering generosity of our supporters and for that, we are truly grateful.


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