Trees are good for business

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Our societies and economies are intricately linked to our forests. They stabilize our climate, provide food, water and medicine, as well as support much of the world’s biodiversity.

In Canadian cities, forest cover has been declining for more than two decades. With over 82% of the population now living in urban centres, it has become increasingly important to recognize the benefits trees provide us. Trees help us live longer and healthier lives, reducing stress and improving mental health. They beautify our communities, increasing the property value of our businesses and homes. And finally, they reduce the effects of climate change, naturally cooling our cities.

As our urban centres grow and continued stress is placed on our natural resources, there is mounting pressure to find new ways to restore tree cover to our cities. This challenge offers a unique opportunity for businesses by directly meeting their corporate social responsibility and employee engagement mandates.

Employees increasingly seek out employers rooted in a commitment to a better world. Similarly, customers increasingly seek out businesses who do the same. Corporate tree-planting days are one way businesses can offer employee engagement opportunities while demonstrating their commitment to the environment to their customer base. Tree Canada’s Partners in Planting program provides just this opportunity. With over 100 projects completed in 2018 and over 15,000 trees planted – businesses like IKEA, Home Hardware, Shaw, Siemens and TELUS have shown their commitment to their employees, their customers and the environment.

As spring approaches, there is no better time than now to consider greening the communities where your business is located.

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