We still need trees

Tree Canada


It’s no doubt that over the course of the pandemic, there have been challenges we have all faced individually and as a society as a whole. We have all needed to adjust to the changes and restrictions and through that we have come to realize the importance and safe haven of trees and green spaces in our communities. But through all this change, I am incredibly grateful to all of our supporters who have stood behind us and continued to support our mission to grow better places to live so that all members of our communities can reap the benefits of trees and green spaces!

The ongoing support from our community partners and sponsors show us that despite everything going on, we still need trees. This is why we have gotten creative and innovative in our solutions in planting trees during this time. Whether it’s been by investing in our mass seedling National Greening Program when planting events have not been possible or by reinventing our Partners In Planting program, their thought process is consistent. As one supporter put it: “Even with everything we are going through, we still need trees.”

We are now living in a world that requires us to adjust to what we do and how we do it on a daily basis. We are constantly making decisions and then revisiting those decisions based on factors that are out of our control. But through all this, we still need to create a world where we, along with our children and grandchildren can thrive; one where we can all benefit from everything an urban forest has to offer.

Now, more than ever, we continue to need more trees.


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