We still need trees

Tree Canada


We have all needed to adjust to the changes and restrictions brought on by the pandemic. At Tree Canada it has meant changes to our business model, since planting events are a big part of what we do. But through all this uncertainty, I am incredibly grateful to all of our supporters who have gotten behind us by continuing to support our mission, by changing the dates or locations of planting events as cases rise and outdoor gathering restrictions are put in place, or by investing in our mass seedling National Greening Program when planting events are simply not possible. Their thought process is simple, and as one supporter put it: “Even with everything we are going through, we still need trees.”

We are now living in a world that requires us to adjust to what we do and how we do it on a daily basis. We are constantly making decisions and then revisiting those decisions based on factors that are out of our control. But through all this, we still need to create a world where we, along with our children and grandchildren can thrive; one where we can all benefit from everything an urban forest has to offer.

Now, more than ever, we still need trees.


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