I recently came across some interesting information about “Mother Trees”, a project which highlights research led by Professor of Forest Ecology and leader of the Mother Tree Project, Dr. Suzanne Simard. Her work outlines how some mature trees take on the role of nourishing and regenerating younger trees to help them survive.

I had already read about the scientific evidence around how trees create communities, talk to each other and warn each other of danger, and this new information (new to me anyway) has me contemplating the nurturing side of trees. Without wanting to seem too “out there” I have to say that I find comfort in the thought of mature trees taking on the role of ensuring the successful growth of their seedlings or “offspring”. It just seems good, and right.

May is the month we traditionally celebrate mothers, spring and renewal, and mental health. We celebrate their role in nurturing their children or offspring and in helping them become strong and healthy adults who thrive within their community. With that in mind, I would like to thank and acknowledge all the mother trees in our communities who are in turn nurturing all of us.