In honour of Pride Month and Indigenous History Month, which take place every June, our team is dedicating this month to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

As an organization, every day we are learning and striving to improve all lives through greening communities across Canada. We know that there is an abundance of research that explains the physical and mental health benefits achieved from a walk in the woods or a picnic in the park, surrounded by trees. However, with 82% of Canadians living in urban areas, not all communities have equitable access to trees or urban greenspaces. At Tree Canada, we work with partners across the country in an effort to bring trees to our communities and create naturally diverse greenspaces with the intention that all Canadians may reap the benefits they bring.

There is still so much more work that needs to be done, both in greening our communities and achieving equitable access to those green spaces. We hope through constant listening and engagement with communities we work with, as well as challenging our own practices, together we can make those necessary and vital steps towards the diverse and inclusive green spaces and communities we need to have.