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Tree Canada hosts the biggest network of urban forestry experts, academics and practitioners in the country. Together, we are working to ensure our communities are green, vibrant and liveable.

What is Tree Canada doing to bring together urban forest practitioners?

For 25 years, Tree Canada has engaged communities, governments, corporations, and individuals in the pursuit of a greener and healthier living environment for Canadians.

Growing from the recommendations of the Canadian Urban Forest Strategy, our network and conferences bring together leading advocates for urban forests all across Canada.  Since 1992, we have hosted 13 Canadian Urban Forest Conferences and helped strengthen post-secondary urban forestry academic programs across Canada.

Canadian Urban Forest Network (CUFN)

The CUFN is the largest network of urban forestry experts, academics and practitioners in the country. Organized by Tree Canada, the CUFN advocates for  urban forests all across Canada under the guidance and leadership of the CUFN steering committee.


Canadian Urban Forest Strategy (CUFS)

The Canadian Urban Forest Strategy (CUFS) was first articulated in 2006 as a strategic initiative of Canada’s urban forest practitioners including: foresters, managers, arborists, planners, community workers and politicians. It coincided with Canada’s National Forest Strategy (1988-2008) a government, NGO and private sector coalition whose aim was to move Canada towards forest sustainability. The final iteration (2003-2008) of the National Forest Strategy included a section on urban forests.

Canadian Urban Forest Conference (CUFC)

The Canadian Urban Forest Conference brings together leading experts from across the country and allows for dialogue between professionals and community groups on innovative strategies, policies, technologies, research, and best management practices. Alternating coast to coast every two years, the CUFC brings together dedicated individuals and groups to share their experiences and novel approaches to the stewardship of Canada’s urban forests. The CUFC is coordinated by the host city with guidance and support from Tree Canada.

Research Activities and Partnerships

Since 2014, the Engagement and Research unit at Tree Canada has enhanced our efforts to reach communities, creating opportunities for knowledge sharing, community building, and thought leadership by working with diverse national and international partners.

National Tree Day

On March 2, 2011 a private members motion to declare the Wednesday of National Forest Week, National Tree Day, received consent from the House of Commons. The motion was presented by Royal Galipeau, M.P., at the urging of Tree Canada.

National Tree Day is Tree Canada’s way of helping Canadians celebrate the many benefits that trees provide – clean air, cooler cities, wildlife habitat and connection with nature.

Canada, BC, Vancouver. Tree Canada event, Everett Crowley Park

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