National Greening Program

The National Greening Program is mass seedling plantings across Canada, where there is a need for reforestation or afforestation.

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In addition to the restoration of forests and wildlife habitat, trees planted through the National Greening Program contribute to cleaner air, cleaner soil, and cleaner waterways. This is a hands-off initiative for organizations that wish to have a larger impact by planting $4 seedlings across 5 Canadian regions.

Consider some of the following environmental initiatives for your company or organization:

Employee Recognition

Recognition of employee or company milestones

Client Appreciation, Staff Appreciation

Per client or per product sale


Per email acquisition or survey participation

Corporate Social Responsibility

Help offset office printing, paper use, mileage and/or energy consumption per percentage of monthly, quarterly or annual sales

Choose Among Five Canadian Regions

Atlantic & North

Environmental impact: This project ensures reforestation of abandoned farmlands to help re-establish important watershed and wildlife corridors.

Species planted: red spruce, white spruce, white pine, Eastern white cedar, Eastern hemlock, red oak

Landowner: Privately held lands

Longitude and Latitude: 46°07’40.3″N 63°57’30.9″W


Environmental impact: This project replaces pine trees affected by a fungal disease called “gall rust”. Trees planted in this region are vital to the protection of local watershed and wildlife.

Species planted: Red pine

Landowner: Privately held lands

Longitude and Latitude: 46°00’53.0″N 76°08’37.4″W


Environmental impact: This project rehabilitates forested area that had previously been lost due to past human activity and industrial practices.

Species planted: Hemlock, Ironwood, Yellow birch

Landowner: Publicly held lands (City of Sudbury)

Longitude and Latitude: 46°32’02.8″N 80°46’05.2″W, 46°25’37.9″N 80°57’45.7″W and 46°36’18.4″N 80°50’13.2″W


Environmental impact: This project reforests areas devastated by the 2016 tornado. Trees planted will help to protect the watershed and wildlife habitat, while also serving as a barrier from the provincial highway.

Species planted: White spruce

Landowner: Long Plain First Nation

Longitude and Latitude: 49°52’50.0″N 98°27’09.6″W

British Columbia

Environmental impact: This project re-establishes forest cover devastated by Mountain Pine and Spruce Beetle. Trees will protect wildlife habitat and preserve forested paths and recreational areas.

Species planted: Lodge Pole Pine & Hybrid Spruce

Landowner: Chingee family traditional territory (Mcleod Lake Indian Band)

Longitude and Latitude: 54°48’36.0″N 123°07’44.9″W

Past Planting Sites

Canada, BC, Vancouver. Tree Canada event, Everett Crowley Park

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