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Compendium of Best Urban Forest Management Practices

Chapter 6. Tree Inventory and the Tree Inspection Cycle

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The foundation of an effective urban forest management program is a detailed tree inventory. A tree inventory provides information such as tree health, species, size and location; this information is used to generate reports that can help urban foresters in their strategic planning. Inventory data can be used to identify species diversity and distribution, percentage of canopy cover, size/class distribution, etc. Coupled with an inventory, a tree inspection cycle is integral for proper tree maintenance and hazard abatement. Effective tree monitoring enables park managers, urban foresters and planners to evaluate the urban forest resource and develop short and long-term initiatives which can in turn provide substantial cost savings and mitigate safety issues.


Implementing a Street Tree Inventory, Niagara, ON
Neighbourwoods Tree Inventory Report: Friends of the Don East, ON
Trees Count: Hamilton, ON Tree Inventory
Hazard Trees, Forest and Shade Tree Pathology

Online documents (.PDF or .DOC)

Big Tree Inventory: Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve (LSCR), North Vancouver, BC
The Urban Forest Effects (UFORE) Model: Field Data Collection Manual
STRATUM application for the City of North Vancouver: Methodology and Procedures
A Tree Inventory Management Plan for the Toronto District School Board

Non-Canadian sites & resources

The Tree Inventory, West Hartford, CT
A Guide to Street Tree Inventory Software, USDA Forest Service
Tree Inventories and GIS in Urban Forestry Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University(.PDF)
Recognizing Tree Hazards, ISA
CITYgreen (American Forests)
Urban Tree Risk Assessment: A Community Guide to Program Design and Implementation(USDA)
Tree Inspection, Pacific Northwest, USA
i-Tree tools

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