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Compendium of Best Urban Forest Management Practices

Chapter 8. Species Selection and Planting

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Selecting the appropriate tree species and location for planting is imperative to sustaining a healthy urban forest, providing for a cost effective urban forest program and providing acceptable urban forest solutions to neighbourhoods and communities. The right tree in the right place should always be the urban foresters’ modus operandi. Tree species should be considered based on aesthetic appeal, hardiness zone, size, form and site conditions of the growing location. To minimize conflicts and reduce maintenance needs, trees should be visualized at full functional size when surveying a potential site for planting. Selecting a tree that is well suited to the soil conditions, light availability, pedestrian traffic, drainage, space and microclimate of the specific site is essential to its long-term survival and public safety.


Vancouver Street Tree Planting Program
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Online documents (.PDF or .DOC)

Alberta Tree Species Rating Guide, ISA
Tree Planting: Hydro Ottawa
Buying High-Quality Trees
Maintaining Healthy Urban Trees, Landowner Resource Centre (Ontario)
Choosing the Right Tree: A Landowner’s Guide to Putting Down Roots

Non-Canadian sites & resources

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