Celebrate the Earth This Week!

Tree Canada


Each year we celebrate the Earth on April 22nd.

This special day is a great opportunity for communities to come together and take action in celebration of our beautiful planet. Whether you celebrate by spending time among trees, starting a garden or educating yourself on important issues, it is crucial that we work together, right now, to build a greener, healthier and more equitable future for everyone.

There are so many ways in which we can all make a difference. Here are a few ways you can help our planet in celebration of the Earth:

  • Plant a tree. Celebrate with friends or family at a group tree-planting activity close to home. Together, you will leave a lasting positive social and environmental impact in your community.
  • Offset your digital emissions. Track and offset your digital emissions through Offset Mode, a new Chrome extension that tracks your digital carbon emissions in real-time.
  • Support Tree Canada. Support our efforts to restore forests and wildlife habitats by donating to the National Greening Program. Trees planted through this mass seedlings program contribute to cleaner air, soil, and waterways.

At Tree Canada, our mission to enable Canadians to plant and nurture trees drives us to invest in the Earth every day. But we can’t do it alone.

We are proud to partner with businesses who have made sustainability a part of their practices and wish to take a moment to highlight some of our dedicated sponsors for their support. Their generosity and desire to make a difference is truly helping us grow better places to live.



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