Tree Canada

women holding potted trees
29 November, 2023

Reviving Nature’s Resilience at Calgary’s Fish Creek Provincial Park

Fish Creek Provincial Park, a stunning natural gem that spans over 1,300 hectares in southern Calgary, Alberta, is a cherished destination for outdoor enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and those seeking solace in nature. On September 21st, 2023, community members, alongside Wawanesa Insurance employees and park staff, came together to plant 250 trees and shrubs, supporting the park’s Poplar Forest Stewardship plan….

8 November, 2023

Cultivating Food Security and Tradition at Natoaganeg School in Eel Ground, NB

Natoaganeg School is more than just a place of learning. Located in Eel Ground, New Brunswick, the school is also a hub for preserving the heritage, traditions, and culture of the Mi’kmaq people. On October 6th, a total of 35 edible trees and shrubs were planted to bolster the school’s outdoor classroom thanks to support from Tree Canada and project sponsor FedEx through the Edible Trees grant program….

6 November, 2023

Tree Canada Grant Helps Restore Slemon Park in P.E.I.

In the wake of Hurricane Fiona, which wreaked havoc across Prince Edward Island in September 2022, the community of Slemon Park was among the hardest hit regions. With sustained winds exceeding 90 kilometres per hour, the storm felled 80% of Slemon Park’s old-growth trees, severely altering the landscape of this small community….