Tree Canada

Group shot of volunteers
5 July, 2023

Restoring New Brunswick’s Belleisle Watershed with Community Volunteers

Near the shorelines of Hatfield Point, New Brunswick, a remarkable project took place on June 17 to restore and rejuvenate the delicate ecosystem of Belleisle Bay, a fjord-like branch of the Saint John River. Thanks to a Tree Canada Treemendous Communities grant and project sponsor, Meighen Family Foundation, the event engaged local landowners, community members, and partners to help mitigate erosion and enhance the watershed’s riparian and aquatic habitats….

people planting berry shrubs in dirt
14 June, 2023

Volunteers Plant 250 Berry Shrubs on Siksika Nation Saskatoon Farm

Every day, Tree Canada is inspired by the passion and commitment of individuals that volunteer their time to grow healthier and greener communities across the country. From planting large urban trees to small edible shrubs, communities are taking meaningful action to help…

leaves on branch
12 May, 2023

Raising environmentally aware children: perspectives of a mom working in urban forestry

I am a convener. I am interested in the bridging of things, the connections between people, their stories, ideas, and lived experiences. Over the course of my career, I have been privileged to work with non-traditional allies in the pursuit of better…

redbud blossoming branch
11 April, 2023

A Welcome to Warmer Weather: Sap flows in trees as they awaken from their restful winter sleep

Trees work hard in the growing season: they pull the sun’s energy and make sugar to use and store throughout the tree. They earn their winter’s rest. After their leaves fall off, trees go into a kind of hibernation, moving the sugar…