Tree Canada

25 January, 2023

Trees: our natural allies for living longer, healthier and happier lives

Escaping into nature has become a solace for many of us during the last few years. Getting away from the busyness of life, quieting our mind, and being present in the moment, whether to watch and hear the leaves dance in the…

11 January, 2023

How Trees Survive in Winter

We all appreciate the shade trees give us in the summer and their beautiful leaves in the fall, but what about during the winter season? What are trees doing when it’s cold and they are covered in a blanket of snow? When…

Through the Years: Celebrating 30 Years of Partnership with Home Hardware

This year marked 30 years of partnership between Tree Canada and a Canadian community staple, Home Hardware Stores Limited….

24 October, 2022

Why do leaves change colour?