Field Tours

Discover the City of Winnipeg, as we showcase municipal innovations, ambitious projects, and unique programs on our array of field tours, including tree nurseries, cideries, urban forests, and downtown infrastructure explorations!

Field tours will take place on October 17th (day 2 of the conference), from 11:30 am to 5:30 pm. Please select one field tour when registering.

It is strongly recommended to wear warm clothing and footwear for all tours.

Prairie Tree Nursery Tour

The restoration of our urban forests relies on tree nurseries producing high-quality trees. For over 40 years, Jeffries Nurseries Ltd. has been providing trees to thrive specifically in Canada and on the Prairies. Come learn more about nursery operations. We will also talk about ongoing research and development, including winter hardiness levels, tolerance to soil conditions, resistance to pests and disease, and consumer trends and demands.

Dead Horse Cidery Tour

Head to Southern Manitoba and visit Dead Horse Cider, a unique family-run cidery. Learn about the history of the cidery and apple production in Manitoba and tour the orchard and production facilities. Sample the latest cider batches and purchase some of your favourites.

Winnipeg Tree Planting Tour

City of Winnipeg resident associations and non-profit organizations continue to implement community-based tree planting projects to enhance the city’s urban forest canopy. This tour will visit multiple project sites and hear firsthand from the community planting leaders on topics from project planning to installation and maintenance to the unique outcomes from each planting site.

Futura Farms and Manitoba Metis Federation Nursery Tour

Be part of the future at this Futura Farms tour near Selkirk, Manitoba. On the tour, you will see some of the world’s hardiest shade tree cultivars! Your hosts will be the avant-garde father-and-son team of Rick Durand, tree researcher for over 45 years, and Dr. Carl Durand, owner of Futura Farms. In addition, learn more about the construction of a brand new state-of-the-art tree nursery being developed by the Manitoba Métis Federation – The National Government of the Red River Métis. In the early stages of production the nursery will produce up to two million tree seedlings per year., Over the course of the following years, production will increase to total eight to 10 million tree seedlings. Join us for an in-depth look at the facility and the steps the Manitoba Métis Federation is taking to provide economic opportunities to the city of Selkirk and the surrounding Interlake region.

Assiniboine Forest Walk and The Leaf at Assiniboine Park

The Assiniboine Forest is one of the largest urban natural forests in Canada with a blend of open meadows, wetland areas, ponds, large swaths of old growth forest that supports a variety of species of flora and fauna. Come for a 4.5km walk and bathe in the forest, followed by a lunch/learn at the Pavilion Atrium and a visit to Winnipeg’s newest attraction, The Leaf, in Assiniboine Park.

Walking tour of trees and infrastructure in Downtown Winnipeg

Growing healthy trees to maturity in the Downtown environment is particularly challenging due to competition for space with other infrastructure, infrastructure upgrades, and development. This is on top of the harsh conditions and other stressors. The value of mature trees in urban centers is so much greater due to the inherent conditions that magnify the negative impacts of the urban heat island effect and climate change. Walk with us through downtown Winnipeg to learn how the city is collaboratively and strategically investing in infrastructure that supports trees to realize their benefits for the downtown community.