A letter from a loving grandmother and supporter of Tree Canada

Susie Fairbrother

Through our amazing Tree Canada community we’ve been fortunate to make friends with, Charlie, an inspiring young boy in Vankleek Hill, ON, who is determined to plant ten trees in his community, every year. As an organization, we’re impressed with his ambition and passion at such a young age to inspire everyone to plant more trees! We hope that through reading this letter and learning about his tree planting efforts, it will inspire you to join us in supporting tree plantings across Canada.

Dear readers,

Season’s greetings! My name is Susie Fairbrother and I live in Vankleek Hill, Ontario. I’m a grandmother and a Canadian who is concerned about our environment.

This holiday season, I want to share a special message with you, but it’s not from me. This message is from Charlie, my little grandson. This year we supported Charlie and his community tree planting project. I want to tell you about this year of hope, but first, allow me to thank you for helping make our nation greener.

Your generosity to Tree Canada inspires a healthier future for all Canadians.

And now, let me tell you about Charlie. He is like most small boys his age. He likes math and sciences. He loves fantasy books and movies. He enjoys reading to his baby sister June and is quick to remind you he’s not seven – he’s seven-and-a-half. But Charlie has a passion – a passion that inspires our family, his community, and reminds all of us that we must do a better job caring for our environment. Charlie has made it his mission to plant trees.

This began last April, when our local newspaper, The Review, announced it would be hosting a contest for kids of all ages. Charlie rose to the occasion and decided his entry would be a promise to plant ten trees in our community every year!

Charlie was motivated; he didn’t plant 10 trees. He planted 20 – and won first place in the contest!

It’s truly inspiring to see someone so young care so much for his community, its wildlife, and its future. He’s a wonderful boy with a bright future. But you decide. Here’s a personal note, from him – to you.

“Hi, my name is Charlie Kazak, and I am 7 and a half. This town makes me happy but what would make me even happier is if the town had more trees! I would love to start a tree planting program, planting all different types of trees in many empty spaces helping create more shade and clean air for all of us in Vankleek Hill, my province and across Canada! Birds need trees, squirrels need trees, insects need trees and people need trees, we all need more trees.

I’ve learned that scientists say people who see a lot of trees everyday are happier, kids who are around more trees are not only happier but more focused when it comes to learning and growing.

My goal is to plant 10 trees every year in my hometown – Vankleek Hill. And with social media we will share this message and have people from all over the world plant a tree in their front yard, backyard or at their local park, post a picture and share what joy that new tree will bring. Let’s create a TREE WAVE here, there, and everywhere, and the folks at Tree Canada told me you can help them by sending a gift today! That seems pretty easy to me!”

As you can probably tell, Charlie’s an enthusiastic and optimistic boy who simply wants people and animals to have more trees. But Charlie is doing so much more than he knows. He’s offsetting carbon emissions. He’s restoring wildlife habitats. He’s playing a key role in the fight against climate change – and is inspiring people like me and you to help save our environment while there’s still time.

There’s nothing Charlie would love more this season than for you to support tree planting across the country with a gift to Tree Canada today. We also invite you to send a note to him if you would like to tell him how great a job he’s doing!

Your donation goes way beyond helping our environment. It shows you care for every person and creature that is a part of it. That is the incredible power of your donation today.

You see, by planting more trees, we restore wildlife habitats and expand greenspaces. We reduce carbon pollution (it takes 500 full-sized trees to absorb the carbon dioxide of a single motor vehicle!). We increase our air quality. We further engage communities, local and federal governments, and corporations to better understand the role they play in environmentalism. And we provide natural disaster relief through Tree Canada’s #OperationReLeaf.

But remember: None of this is possible without you. So, I ask that this holiday season, consider one extra gift, a gift to Charlie, to me, to yourself – and for generations of Canadians to come!

Your donation is critical to providing emergency relief when disasters like wildfires occur, to restoring green spaces, and to supporting the fight against climate change.

I’m so happy to know there are kind-hearted people like you, looking for ways to be stewards of Canada’s forests – especially during this difficult time.

There is something very special about how we feel when we are among the trees. What would our world be like without the sanctuary of trees and forests? This is why I hope you’ll join Charlie and me on our mission to plant trees here, there and everywhere. We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together!

Please Donate Today.

Thank you. And from our family: Happy Holidays!


Susie Fairbrother
Loving grandmother and supporter of Tree Canada


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