Get Inspired for National Tree Day 2023 – Event Spotlight

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This month we’re celebrating National Tree Day (NTD) on September 20th. NTD is a day to show our appreciation for trees and all the benefits they provide. While Tree Canada is planning at least one tree planting event in every province, community organizations and individuals are also planning events across the country.

Here are a few stories of Canadians getting creative and celebrating NTD with their communities this year.

Beach Cleanup & Tree Giveaway

Organized by The Green Herons Nature Club
Jordan Station, Ontario

Pick up garbage, receive a tree: that’s the idea behind this event at Charles Daley Park in the town of Jordan Station. In partnership with WILD Outside teens, Ocean’s Water and Ocean Wise, The Green Herons Nature Club has 300 white pine trees to give away. We love this idea of supporting community greening efforts while cleaning up a local park!

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“The Green Herons are thrilled to announce that our goal of bringing 500 new trees to Niagara will be accomplished at this year’s National Tree Day Event. Thanks to a generous donation from Sassafras Farms, we will be trading trees for garbage at the beach! What a fun way to continue our positive impact on the planet. When the kids set their tree goal 3 years ago, I tried to convince 6 year olds doing a tree drive for their friends – I never imagined they would do it in 3 years. This partnership speaks to the power of our local youth and how big of an impact they can have on their communities.”

– Lindsay Currie, owner of the Green Herons and program co-ordinator for WILD Outside


“We’re fortunate to be supporting the great work of The Green Herons through this collaborative initiative that will contribute to the greening of the Niagara Peninsula watershed and Canada. This event supports our goals of enhancing natural habitat, water resources and forest cover and fostering relationships with the community for collective impact. We are proud of the Green Herons for empowering the next generation of environmental stewards and hope that this initiative will inspire more community members and groups to get involved in the important work of environmental conservation.”

– Kerry Royer, Community Outreach and Engagement Specialist, Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority

National Tree Day in Surrey, BC

Organized by City of Surrey Parks
Surrey, BC

The citizens of Surrey are invited to Bear Creek Park to help plant 500 native trees and shrubs. The park is making a family-friendly day out of it by including activities and entertainment, including a DJ and mini golf! Congratulations to the City for planning such a fun day of planting trees.

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“Dedicated community planting events like our National Tree Day celebration raise awareness about the importance of trees. The native trees and shrubs planted as part of this celebration will increase biodiversity, improve our air quality, and mitigate the effects of climate change. This event also brings the community together by providing educational opportunities, fostering a sense of collaboration, and creating a common vision of a thriving, green, and inclusive city.”

– Brenda Locke, Mayor of Surrey

Greening Lac-des-Fées school ground and Larocque Park

Organised by École du Lac-des-Fées
Gatineau, Quebec

The École du Lac-des-Fées elementary school in Gatineau has planned a development project on school premises and the adjacent park. A morning and afternoon will be dedicated to soil decompaction and planting flower beds to support the growth and health of existing trees. Like planting trees, taking care of mature trees is an important way to help grow and strengthen Canada’s tree canopy.

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“A conservation project for mature trees and a planting initiative for large caliper trees to increase the canopy in a highly mineralized sector. Our intent is to contribute to the well-being and health of children in vulnerable situations who come to the school and adjacent grounds.”

– Bruno Chicoine, forest engineer and project lead

Beautifying our yard

Organised by Les Amirams de la Vallée inc.
Amqui, Quebec

The non-profit organization Les Amirams de la Vallée inc. will be planting small fruit trees along the edge of their property in Amqui. A heartfelt thank you to this organization for contributing to the greening of Canada.

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“Together, we can do anything. Together, we’ll beautify our yard.”

– Sylvie Lapointe, Les Amirams de la Vallée inc.

Now it’s your turn!

Are you feeling inspired? There are so many different ways to get involved for National Tree Day:

  • Host your own NTD event! Check out Tree Canada’s Event Organizer Toolkit, for more ideas and tools to help you plan an event.
  • Find a community event close to you on our event registry!
  • Sign up to volunteer at one of Tree Canada’s planting events across the country.


Happy National Tree Day!




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